About Us

Our Origin Story 

IONIC boards was founded on relationships, and is motivated by the love of family, friends, and nature. Holly and Jay Vaughan, our Canadian co-founders and owners of Mountain Cultures, noticed that the first inflatable paddle boards, while utilitarian, were missing the beautiful artwork that was on the heavy, fiberglass boards. Beautiful art elevates any product, and they wished for a board that could both inspire its riders as well as be comfortably transported and stored.  Lucky for them, they knew Travis PARR, the co-founder and artist for Icelantic Skis- who has over 20 years' experience in the outdoor industry creating some of the most beautiful skis people have ever seen. Travis PARR’s ethic is that beautiful art should not be relegated to the galleries or museums, but become moving and interactive pieces that transform its viewer as they move their bodies with the images. When the Vaughan’s reached out to Travis about creating beautiful paddle boards, a bond was formed and something entirely new was formed. 

Holly Vaughan, Co-Founder/Chief Operations Officer

Holly Vaughan was born and raised in Calgary. A proud prairie and rocky mountain girl, Holly fell in love with nature and dedicated her life and education to the environmental sciences. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Calgary, she went on to complete further studies in Water Resources Planning, Management and Governance. For nearly a decade, she worked as an environmental advisor to the oil and gas industry, restoring thousands of well sites to their natural and original stateAfter being laid off during her maternity leave, she began her own environmental consulting company, Sweetgrass Environmental and started working in the family business, Mountain Cultures. In 2021, as IONIC boards began to take the shape of a growing business on its own separate from the retail store, she felt compelled to become co-owner and Chief Operations Officer of IONIC Boards.  


Travis “PARR”, Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer

known as PARR, by those who know his work, is an artist and entrepreneur. He is a painter, sculptor, illustrator, and designer. With roots in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, he is an avid outdoorsmen and athlete. After graduating from Laguna College of Art and Design with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, he returned to his hometown of Evergreen Colorado to launch and establish Icelantic Skis, where he has been the co-founder and art director for the past 20 years. His work has been featured internationally in galleries, commercial spaces, and entertainment venues and attracts an array of personal collectors around the world. He has lived in Laguna Beach since 2010 and has been immersed and inspired by the Standup paddle board culture of Southern California. In 2021, he joined IONIC boards as co-founder and Chief Creative Officer.  





 Jay Vaughan, Business Manager

A former National team athlete and coach, founded Mountain Cultures in 2008 and was one of the first online winter sports retailers in Canada. He has been integrated in the SUP industry since 2013 as a buyer, seller, designer and paddler. He likes to say, “I found the paddle board so I could go find the water.”  IONIC boards enjoys and benefits from his extensive experience with manufacturers, retailers, and customers. When Jay is not at work selling fun, he can be found doing what he loves most: spending time with his wife and two boys paddle boarding, skiing, biking, skateboarding, dirt biking, and camping- living the perfect, mountain culture.