1. How to install the fin

2. How to store my board

Remove the fin and store this with the pin and nut in the bag

Rinse and clean your board- if soap is needed do not use abrasive soaps

Dry the board - never put a wet board away as this encourages the growth of mold

Store your clean and dry board out of direct sunlight and not exposed to extreme temperatures

Store the board deflated or inflated depending on your preference

Dream of your next paddling adventure!


3.  What is in the repair kit 

The repair kit includes:

patching material and glue  


spanner tool for tightening the valve stem 

replacement pin and nut for the fin 


4. What to do if my board has a slow leak?

It is a common occurrence for inflatable paddle boards to have a leaky valve at some point.  During shipping, being folded and unfolded, and the difference in air pressure within the board when it gets hot and cold out can cause the valve to loosen causing a small leak.
But not to worry there is a simple fix! 

Deflate your paddle board

In the repair kit that came with you board, you will find a spanner that attaches to the valve on your board.

The trickiest part of tightening the valve is that you will have to try your best to hold the part of the valve that is on the inside of the board to turn it tight. If you do not hold this part of the valve tight, what will happen is that the entire valve will just spin around without tightening.  To do this apply pressure to the underside of the valve while inserting the tool teeth into the notches on top with the tool.

Once you have a good grip on the valve, begin turning the spanner to tighten it in the "close" direction (righty tighty, left loosey) until it is tight.  Even a millimeter of movement will ensure your board will hold the 15 PSI again.

That’s it! Your leak will be gone and you can keep enjoying your paddle board.